Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oh that wedding

I went to this wedding on Saturday and caught the bouquet. I don't believe in that anymore but it can't hurt.

I was my sister's plus one because she and her husband were in the wedding and needed a babysitter.

So while the two of them did weddingish stuff like get elaborate up-dos (my sister), dress the bride (my sister) and enjoy a drink with the boys (my bro-in-law), I changed baby Benjamin into his teeny-tiny white wedding suit and green bow tie.

And he went from cute little rolled up bundle to stiff straight-jacket infant with a stand up collar. Kind of adorable.

I held him and walked briskly around the house when he got fussy. Which he did a lot of. His parents planned to walk him down the aisle and then turn him over to me during the ceremony. So after they walked down the aisle, I collected the kid from his daddy, who had taken up position next to the other groomsmen.

And that baby was silent the entire time. He cuddled and slept until the end of the ceremony, which is when he'd had enough of the silent treatment and let out a loud squawk.

The cocktail hour after the wedding was great and the food at the reception was delicious. After dark, speeches broke out at the reception and vigorous dancing commenced.

And then the bride through the bouquet. My sister pushed me out there. And when the bride threw the bouquet and it hit the tent ceiling and went straight down about two yards in front of our little group, I took a step forward to make a lunge at it. Except instead of gracefully moving forward, my foot gracefully slipped and I gracefully plummeted face first to the floor. Where I lay plastered for a second, swathed in my black dress, before I quickly pushed to my feet, bouquet in hand.

I turned with embarrassment and one of the girls behind me said, "It's yours, you earned it."

And then I set the bouquet down at my seat and walked to the bathroom, where I nursed my wounds in quiet mortification.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to the Net

After most of the year off, I've decided to return to blogging. This is because I'm supposed to be a writer and all writers blog; and my mom misses it.

Here's what you missed this year:
  • I joined Partners Mentoring Youth. I hang out with a sweet 12-year-old girl every week for a few hours.
  • I signed up with eHarmony again (this is after the other 'again' times that I've joined), even though I find it a bit fruitless. All the guys take photos of themselves on mountaintops; in the mirror; or with a crowd of people so it's impossible to decide which one is the future Mrs. Benes.
  • I spent a period of time biking almost every day to work for a roundtrip of about 16 miles a day. This required me to lift my bike over a fence, until someone bodily moved the end of the wooden fence to create a path to the road. I still bike on occasion, but have fallen off the wagon the last couple of weeks.

  • My nephew was born! His name is Benjamin Vernelson IV. And I can't wait until he's old enough to introduce himself as that. He has little dark eyes and a cute bald head with this cute scrunched up dimple line on his forehead and he plays with his tongue and wobbles his head around before head-butting you in the neck. And falls asleep instantly in his front pack and grunts when he eats and is just plain adorable. And that's not just because he's my nephew.
  • My parents and I went to Washington DC to visit the Ukrainian host sister I lived with during Peace Corps, who worked this summer as a lifeguard in Virginia. My mom brought 36 boiled eggs and vegetarian muffins and cookies in her suitcase. She had to put some of her clothes in her backpack to make room. Vegetarian muffins, you ask? I mean they were made of all vegetables like squash and carrots, not that they were for vegetarian diets. Oksana was teased a lot by guides on the trip, which she found baffling.

  • We flew Oksana and her friend Dasha to visit us in Colorado. And we had a blast. We packed as much Colorado as we could into four days. On Friday, I drove them all over Loveland, showed them our sculpture park and helped them pick out souvenirs at our Visitor's Center. Yes, we have a Visitor's Center here with a pond and a garden and all these sculptures! On Saturday we went to Water World and Sunday, we drove to the top of Trail Ridge Road. Dad is scared of heights so he backed out of that part. On Monday, we biked the Loveland bike trails and around Lake Loveland before they packed up to go back to Virginia.
  • I was a city away from President Obama, who visited Fort Collins to speak at Colorado State University. I stayed back at the office to tweet, Facebook and upload reporter and photographer videos and photos to our website, But I got to see him speak on a live Internet feed, if that's any consolation!
  • Which brings me to today, when nothing of note happened except for it being a Wednesday and me forgetting to finish a calendar item for my editor.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

30 Minutes of Fame

My fame in the Northern Colorado area began this week on Wednesday when I attended a press conference for my winning design of the Loveland Valentine. It was fun, I have to admit.

I got to sit at a head table and people from the press asked me questions, including my own colleagues at the Loveland Reporter-Herald and I stood at a podium and answered. It was intimidating but pretty cool. They unveiled the Loveland Valentine design, which I painted after photographing different areas of Loveland. Who knew that when I was standing in front of the Rialto Theater, trying to figure out which angle would be best, that my design would later be selected as the official valentine?

Every year, the Loveland, Colo. Chamber of Commerce invites artists to submit items for the cover art, inside verse, cache verse and cache stamp art. It's all part of their remailing program, where people all over the country can mail cards through Loveland for Valentine's Day.

My editor at the Reporter-Herald took this video:

You can also read the story here:

And a NoCo 5 anchor took this video (story here):

Famous me. At least for the moment.