Thursday, January 5, 2012

Finishing off the year

I have lost seven pounds so far. On a perfect Medifast diet, I could have lost 15 or more, but it was December. And I'm not a saint. I checked in with my diet coach occasionally and she gave me tips on how to get through the holidays.

Eat well throughout the day until the bad meal, and then have another Medifast meal after the bad food. Water, water, water. Eat small portions. Try not to drink alcohol.

Overall, I feel pleased with my December foray because I was conscious and aware and, while I did have crabby down times where I strayed from the positive course, I always found that I felt much better about myself if I went for the salad instead of the greasy cheeseburger. Binging on a weekend is awful because it's an endless downward spiral where I feel like there's not getting out of it. But when I determined that I would get out of it, I realized it was possible. Now let's see what I can do during the next couple of weeks until the Healthline comes out! There are no more holiday excuses!

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