Wednesday, January 11, 2012

30 Minutes of Fame

My fame in the Northern Colorado area began this week on Wednesday when I attended a press conference for my winning design of the Loveland Valentine. It was fun, I have to admit.

I got to sit at a head table and people from the press asked me questions, including my own colleagues at the Loveland Reporter-Herald and I stood at a podium and answered. It was intimidating but pretty cool. They unveiled the Loveland Valentine design, which I painted after photographing different areas of Loveland. Who knew that when I was standing in front of the Rialto Theater, trying to figure out which angle would be best, that my design would later be selected as the official valentine?

Every year, the Loveland, Colo. Chamber of Commerce invites artists to submit items for the cover art, inside verse, cache verse and cache stamp art. It's all part of their remailing program, where people all over the country can mail cards through Loveland for Valentine's Day.

My editor at the Reporter-Herald took this video:

You can also read the story here:

And a NoCo 5 anchor took this video (story here):

Famous me. At least for the moment.

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