Thursday, December 8, 2011

Well that weekend didn't go well (in the food department)

I'm crazy. Dieting in December? What idiot came up with that idea? But I'm going to do it. I want to lose weight, not gain.

Last Thursday at my sister's party I only had two pieces of pizza and a few small cookies. But I didn't gorge as much as usual and I feel good about that.


The weekend came. The weekends suck. Well, they don't suck. I love the weekends and I had a really awesome one, but food-wise, yuck. I ate fries and drank beer.

Friday night I went up to visit my friend Rachel in Denver and we went to Chloe's Club and it was awesome. I danced, and got gyrated against, and we got in a car accident (minor) on the way home at 2 a.m. and it was a very fulfilling night life experience. I danced with a really cute guy (exercise!) who asked for my number but never called me. I'm okay with that because it was still an ego-boosting night. At one point, I danced with another guy who was that athletic, energetic type who liked to get down and groovy and even threw my legs around his waist while we danced. That was weird. I finally told him to put me down because I don't like being made a spectacle of. So then I went back to the first cute guy because he was a normal, everyday dancer. I had maybe three drinks, and one of them was with diet coke. I felt ashamed the next morning. I love Rachel, though, because she's very health conscious and we ate Mac and Cheese with whole wheat noodles and lowfat cheese, so that's something.

Oh yes, and about the accident. It wasn't bad. We got a ride home with friends and the driver hadn't been drinking. We slowed at a red light and got hit from behind. The car pushed us into the intersection, so we coasted to the side of the road. It was just a light bump and none of us were hurt. The hitter, meanwhile, took off the wrong way down Sixth Street and was gone forever. Stupid hit-and-runner. Two cars pulled over and asked if we were okay. One of them even took off to try to find the car, since they'd seen what it looked like, but never found it. Our car was dented on the left rear light and the light was busted out.

We called the police and filled out witness forms and our friends dropped us off and that was that.

On Saturday night, I saw my friend Sarah Bultema after like a year! She lived it up in Brazil this last year and just got back to Colorado. So we had a couple beers and hung out at the bars in Fort Collins. When my friend Johanna and I arrived at Old Chicago's in Fort Collins to meet Sarah, I saw her sitting in a booth on the other side of a glass wall. A guy sitting at the door asked if I was heading to the bar. "Yes!" I said and happily charged forward to go hug Sarah. "Hey," the guy asked. "I need to see your ID. I wasn't just asking you for fun."

"Right," I said and gave him my ID. Sarah came out and we squealed and hugged like long lost relatives and I think the ID checker guy understood my impatience after that.

On Tuesday, I received a box of Medifast meal supplements for a program that I'm trying. I'm going to try one month of this program where I eat five Medifast meals a day and one regular lean meat and veggie meal. The Medifast meals have tons of varieties and include packets like noodle soup, chocolate shakes, chocolate chip pancakes and lemon meringue bars. They contain 80-120 calories a meal and are supposed to put me into a fat loss zone where I lose weight well.

I weighed myself at 158 Tuesday morning and plan to blog about my progress here until Jan. 20, because I'll also be writing about this for my weight loss article in the Health Line of the Reporter-Herald, and that's when the next issue comes out! I hope to lose a lot of the weight I'd planned to lose by the end of the year. And am annoyed that I fluctuated up and down so much this year.

I've been on the diet for two days. I eat one of the little meals every 2.5 hours, but find that I get hungry faster than that. We'll see if that continues!

I ate a salad the first day for my free meal because it was the last one remaining from last week's menu. I made it with Romaine lettuce, radishes, carrots, green onions, broccoli and a spicy Anaheim pepper. It was amazing what a little spice in the salad did to excite me about eating it. I love spice. Yesterday, I ate a piece of spinach quiche because it was also a leftover and I didn't want it to go bad. I have to check my diet guide to find out if real eggs and spinach are allowed. I ate around the crust, since I'm not supposed to be eating a lot of carbs.

This weekend is going to be tricky. It's my birthday. Mom is making me chicken tacos Friday, so at least I can eat the tacos with lettuce wraps instead of the shell. And then we're probably going to have ice cream cake. And I'm going to eat it. So I'll just have to be really good all day until that point. And Saturday night I'm going out with friends. So I'm thinking I'll stick to a couple diet coke and rums.

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