Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Eating

No matter the diet, I quite like this idea of watching what I eat in December. Instead of gaining weight with all the parties and birthday happenings, I've lost five pounds. According to this diet I'm on, it could be more but I'm happy because it's December! And I haven't gained weight!

I'm supposed to eat one lean meat and veggie meal a day and supplement the rest of the meals with Medifast food. Last week, I ate salads every day with oil and vinegar and the tiniest amount of Ranch dressing to flavor it up. Then I drowned myself in water and had the Medifast supplements. I also did some Christmas shopping. Mom called me one night; and my sister called me another night to hit Kohl's and Macy's and buy stuff.

At one point in Macy's I returned from another area of the store to tell Mom, "I can't leave you alone for a minute!" because the things she was finding for my brother... Well, it involved black jeans and a hideous sweater. And of course, after each expedition, we were hungry and stopped at restaurants to eat. At On the Border, I did eat a few chips, but then I had a salad with grilled chicken and a bunch of vegetables and salsa.

Another night at Red Robin, I ate a lettuce-wrapped grilled chicken sandwich, keeping away from the bread. And when I normally would have felt all fat and greasy at the end of that week, I felt good because I'd been wise and made good choices! (A tough thing for me)

My birthday party with friends ended up being this last Saturday. I ate well all day. Eggs for breakfast and Medifast meals until the evening.

We ate at Beau Jo's and I ate three slices of pizza. Then we hung out at a couple bars and I had a couple beers and a birthday shot and two martinis. So that was the first time that week where I ditched the diet to enjoy food.

If I get in the habit of being good, even if I'm eating regular food - I might just be able to stay down in weight!

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