Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Birthday Weekend and Food

Last Friday was my birthday. I'm 32 now. That's old to some people and young to others. I feel like I'm still in my 20s, but I keep getting on in years. As my birthday approached, I told myself I just wanted it to hurry up and pass by so I didn't have to worry about celebrating it. While I wanted to ignore it, I also wanted people to notice, to make me feel special on that one day out of the year. I'm not sure why I have this need, when it's just a day. Facebook is great for that, as it notifies everyone of a birthday and encourages one to send a congratulatory note. I heard from people I haven't talked to in years and it was great.

That night I celebrated with my family. My brother even came down from Denver.

I ate well most of the day, and stuck to my Medifast diet plan. I ate oatmeal for breakfast, a power bar as a snack, and soup for lunch. I also drowned myself in water because I knew what what coming later. My co-worker brought in a decadent chocolate cheesecake in the afternoon and what was I supposed to do? It was for my birthday. I ate one delicious slice and another co-employee told me it was ridiculous to diet on my birthday. That should be the one day of the year where I don't diet. I laughed and tried not to let her comment give me permission. I made a goal this month! I have to stick to it. At least sort of.

That night Mom made chicken tacos and I ate the chicken, lettuce, salsa and guacamole without the shell. It was delicious. She served an ice cream cake afterwards. I ate a big piece. Then we headed to downtown Loveland and walked along Fourth Street to admire the ice sculptures and visit the galleries. Later, we played a game as a family, which Mom loved because she loves it when we play games as a family. I had another Medifast bar before bed.

Now Saturday was going to be my "going out with friends" birthday night but it didn't work out that anyone could come so we're shooting for next Saturday. Instead, I went to the Parade of Lights with my Mom and then we ate at Henry's Pub. I ordered a grilled chicken and Brie sandwich and had the bun put on the side so Mom could eat it with her salad. I drank two glasses of water with lemon.

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