Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Retreat at Vail

Danielle, my sister, and I just went to Vail for the weekend. I worked on my book and she worked on design projects and read books. We made our retreat through a Living Social deal at the Lodge at Vail. It was kind of amazing.We explored the lodge, which reminded me of Harry Potter's twisty school where stairs went up and up and twisted and we ended up on the other side of the building somewhere in a new land previously uncharted.

We tried to take an elevator on a normal floor with hotel rooms, back to our floor, so we got in and pressed "2." Number 2 led to the kitchen and people scurrying around so we flattened ourselves against the wall of the elevator and hurriedly pushed the button for the next floor. That led to another service destination and we again flattened ourselves, giggling like crazy at our ridiculousness. We returned to the original floor and found another way back into the regular part of the hotel.

We found a set of double doors at the end of a long hallway that led out onto a strip between stores and restaurants. We ate burgers and pizza and Jalapeno poppers and it wasn't fattening at all and I didn't gain five pounds.

We swam in the outdoor pool right after it snowed. The water was warm but we were forced to swim back and forth quickly to stay that way. Danielle wondered how much exercise a person really gets while moving in slow motion across a pool. We decided it must be lots because of all the muscles being used.

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