Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tuesday, Aug. 2

Alla: I woke up at the hostel when Anya stopped by my bed at 8:30 a.m. to say she was going to work. I slept longer while all but one of the guys sleeping in the room left for the day. Then I got up, dressed, took a shower and sat on my bed for an hour writing blogs and using the free wifi. Anya called to say that our friend Alla wanted to meet from lunch. Back story: Alla visited Denver with her daughter Karina last August and September so Karina could have treatment for Cystic Fibrosis. When I came this time, I brought medicine for Karina that they had had sent to my house.

I eventually packed up my stuff and took the metro to Anya's office. I left my bags there and we went to lunch with Alla. She speaks Russian more than Ukrainian but we still managed to understand each other most of the time. After lunch, I sat at Anya's office while she worked, and worked on some of my own stuff on the Internet.

Pizza and beer: At 5 p.m., we left to walk up Andrivskiy Uzviz (Saint Andrew's Descent), a long road with lots of souvenir stands. I bought a few things and found a great T-shirt with a Ukrainian design. Then we came up with a great plan for the night. We had had a couple of choices. Go back to the hostel or stay with Alla who has one small bed.

Anya remembered that Matt used to occasionally stay at the office on a blow-up mattress. The mattress as well as sheets, blanket and pillow were still at the office. We decided to sleep there, order pizza from Domino's and watch a movie. We bought beers, cheesy bread sticks and pizza from the take-out restaurant and watched movies and took advantage of the wifi at her work. It was a fun and relaxing night.

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