Monday, August 1, 2011


Exercise: I slept until 11 a.m. It was a wonderful sleep. I only woke up when Kamilia called me (oh, also, I bought a $30 phone on Friday so I could have a local number because my old phone I used before is completely broken). She wanted to know when we should meet. I told her it would be awhile. I had to get ready and see what Anya was doing. Anya and I had omelets for breakfast and then we walked to the stadium to go for a run. It was our tradition when I lived there. We'd often meet at the track and run. Neither of us had running shoes with us. I was certain if I brought the shoes, I wouldn't exercise once and would just have this dead weight to carry so I didn't bring them. And of course, we decided to run. So we took off our sandals there like we'd seen runners do before, and ran around the edge of the track in the grass barefoot. As we rounded the edge of the track, an old man was standing there, naked except for underwear, doing some strange exercises with his clothes piled on a bag next to him. Looking all… naked. I giggled and wished I had a camera. Just so Ukraine.

Kamilia: Anya and I walked back to her house as it started to trickle down rain and I gathered my things to go meet Kamilia. Anya called me a taxi and while I took off, she got ready to go to her cousin's daughter's baptism. I met Kamilia at a rehabilitation center where she volunteers. They help alcoholics and drug addicts. She was helping to make jam that would be given away. Her son Zhora (George) was there and he was a year's worth taller and can say so many words and he remembered me! I was surprised. He's maybe 3 or 4 years old now. Kamilia and I talked and I played with Zhora. He was a flying dragon and tried to tackle me often and bite my shirt and breath fire on me. He ran around the room doing these elaborate fighting stances and looked a little like he was performing ballet.

Then we went to Kamilia's house and I took a shower there. Her shower goes from scalding hot to super cold so it was another dance as I changed the water back and forth while hurriedly trying to wash between the times the water became burning and freezing. Then we talked some more and I took a short nap. She also showed me pictures of her trip to Israel to meet her dad.

White Scorpion: Matt came up to Koziatyn and we all met at a restaurant we used to frequent, the White Scorpion. I also invited Natasha's daughter, Sasha. We had French meat, fries and beer and it was a familiar time. It started to pour so the streets were flooded and muddy. The other Sasha, our guy friend who we had met the night before, didn't show up though. He had said he would meet us after 9 and never came. That's okay; we still had fun. Matt left to go back to Vinnytsia at 10:30 p.m. and Anya and I walked down the street to find a taxi to take us back to Anya's. We stepped in deep puddle after deep puddle. We were happy to make it safe and dry back at her house. I commenced to writing this and she got online to check in with her new American friends that she met at the camp this last week.

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