Saturday, October 23, 2010

The beginning of all the holidays

I worked until 8 p.m. Friday. My friend Janine had texted me earlier in the week wondering if I wanted to go to a haunted house. It is Halloween soon, so there are a lot of haunted houses. I did not. But I said maybe. Then my sister and Janine decided we should go to a haunted corn maze. There are a lot of those in Colorado. I was tired and I wanted to go home and relax so when Danielle called me Friday about the plans I said, "Well... I don't know... I kind of want a night in..." but she made me feel guilty so I decided I'd go anyway. And then I looked outside and it was raining so I called Danielle back. "It's raining," I said. "I'm not keen on tromping through a corn maze in the rain." "It might stop," she said. "It'll still be muddy," I said. "Well wear boots," she said, and somehow she convinced me that we'd wait and see how the weather turned out.

And when I got off work, I called Janine because they were both waiting for me, "It's actively raining still," I said. "Who thinks this is fun? Is this supposed to be the fun part?" "Have a sense of adventure!" she said. "Let's just go and see how it looks."

So I drove to the corn maze to meet them and when I got there, it was still raining, and Danielle opened her car door and said, "Get in, quick, get in!" So I got in. "There's been a development," Janine said. "The maze is closed."

"BECAUSE IT'S RAINING," I said. They just laughed to themselves. "So do you want to go to a haunted house?" Janine asked. "No," I said. But somehow after a lot of pleading and Janine offering to buy me a soda, I agreed to go. We decided to take one car. "Wait, but I have to get my purse from my car!" I said. "Don't let her out!" Janine said, "She won't come back!" "So that's why you were so quick to get me in the car," I said. "So I'd be your prisoner."

We headed to Fort Collins to the haunted house. We parked and there were scary creatures on the streets. Two grotesque clowns walked up to us and Janine made us walk on either side of her. Then at the entrance of the haunted house, Danielle's back was to the door and when she looked over her shoulder, a ghoulish man with blood on his face was leering at her, right in her face. She screamed and jumped away.

We bought tickets and stood in line. The lady who let people through the gates into the house had contacts in that made her look like she had cat eyes. She'd just stand there and stare at us in turn with a little smirk on her face. It was creepy.

And then at last we got into the haunted house. We had made friends with the couple behind us so they went through with us. There were rooms with flappy doors between and in every room were scary creatures and bloody gory things happening. Janine, Danielle and I all linked arms, but then Janine starting holding the back of my shirt. Somehow I'd become the lead man. I did not like that. At one point I had to say, "Janine, give me back my shirt!" because she was trying to tear it from my body, her fear was so great. At the end I realized it hadn't been that scary. Janine had just made it scarier. I kind of wondered how I, who had not wanted to do any of this, had to lean the girl who'd convinced us all to go be scared.

Oh well, it was a good night.

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