Thursday, August 5, 2010


I went to see "Salt" at the theater with my Ukrainian friend. First we went to a Mediterranean place called "Yum-Yum." Really? We bought a gyro and a kabob wrap and split them. They tasted the same.

Then we went to the movie. When the Russians came on, my friend giggled. Practically the whole movie, she'd burst into chuckles, repeating their dramatic lines and laughing some more. "It's like a comedy!" she said. "Americans think Russians are only spies and mobsters!" It was an interesting experience, a different perspective. And that IS what I think about Russians! They're all gruff and coming up with diabolical plots. They're not old women on the streets, buying food at the kiosks, or women at home, cooking soup and making bread. They're sinister weathered faces, seeking to destroy us. Very interesting.

On the way home, we were chuckling about what we think of Russians, and I look at her and say, "Maybe YOU'RE a spy! Sure, you came here on a 'visa'." She laughed and laughed. "Or maybe you're a spy!" she returned. "Secretly!"

Disclaimer: This is only a joke. No one mentioned here is a spy. Please don't put me on any black lists.

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