Friday, April 2, 2010

Just trying to prove myself right

This is my Facebook conversation earlier. The kind of thing that usually would happen over instant message.

Patricia posts her status: Ive got two pickles ive got two pickles, ive got two pickles today .. hey hey.. a doo daaa dii daa doo da day!.. ive got tow pickles today! hey hey!

Now should I analyze her lack of punctuation, capitalization and the fact that she spelled two 'tow'? She has to tow the pickles? And what about two dots at the end of sentences instead of three to form a proper ellipses? I guess I won't go into it because I get made fun of for that sort of thing. No, not for making such mistakes, but telling people about how they're making mistakes.

And here's the conversation:

Jessica: you are a freak (very original)

Patricia: Yes I am but can you name the movie its from??

Jessica: Little Rascals?

Patricia: I love that movie makes me laugh everytime! See you tonight!

Jessica: What about this one, Dear Darla, I hate your stinking guts, you make me vomit, you're scuuum between my toes. Love, Al-falfa.

Patricia: Your Romeo, Alfalfa

Jessica: He doesn't say, 'your Romeo!' I'm going to look online...

Jessica: I'm right I'm right. Love Alfalfa. Obviously someone hasn't recited it by heart enough...

Patricia: He does its on the letter he's actually writting! WATCH THE MOVIE! HaHa lolololol

Patricia: The letter and what he's saying are NOT the same HA I win!

Jessica: Oh... right. But THAT's not what I was reciting. He doesn't write ANY of that in his actual letter. You just like to argue.

Jessica: You do NOT win.

Patricia: Do too! And you hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica: Nu UH! Because I was just reciting the SPOKEN words... Oh never mind. I know I'm right.

Jessica: YOU are arguing at me for no reason. I'm going back to work.

Patricia: Haha! LOL you love me!

Jessica: or hate? I think the word would be hate... ;)

I don't hate her. I think I do kind of love her...

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