Friday, March 5, 2010

Taras and Talking in Ukrainian

In December, I found a "Meetup" group online that is a group of people who have Ukrainian roots. There parents or grandparents are Ukrainian. I met them last Wednesday. I drove an hour to Denver to meet them at Tony's Pub and Bistro and they could speak this foreign language I'd learned! We went around and introduced ourselves in Ukrainian and they were all impressed with my skill because I'm a simple American.

I felt quite proud. Because I feel my Ukrainian is only so-so. But it was great because I could practice again. I could SPEAK it again. When I say words in Ukrainian, my family DOESN'T UNDERSTAND ME.

We had a great couple of hours talking about the new president and different classical musicians of Ukraine. (I don't remember what they are) Tanya invited me to a Ukrainian concert for Taras Shevchenko at the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Denver. Shevchenko is this famous Ukrainian poet/writer who did a lot for Ukraine. Then, somehow I got roped into reciting one of his poem's at the concert.

I went to a practice Saturday night, and before I knew it, I had sheet music in front of me and was singing Ukrainian songs with them! It was WEIRD. I'm in AMERICA and Ukraine was all around me. It was great and weird. Tanya's daughter was sweet. She sat next to me and translated some of the words I didn't understand. The pastor, also a Ukrainian (who actually has a Ukrainian accent still) brought in a pizza and we took a break half way through for pizza. I went downstairs with the daughter to heat it up, and made her talk to me in Ukrainian. Can't tell you how refreshing that was, to use the language again.

So this Sunday? I guess I'm attending a Ukrainian concert. In DENVER.

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