Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh and also...

I forgot to add something else. I wo-on. I won the contest! $300 buckaroos for winning a weight loss contest against friends and family. Got down to 154 on the Wii scale, which actually means 158-160 because guess what my friend Agnes told me? The Wii scale on carpet measures you at a lot less. I compared to the upstairs scale and she's right. I'm not as light as I thought.

I'm at 160 now in actual fact. We've just started a new one-month weight loss competition and have invited my two new friends, one from Osh Kosh, one from the Reporter-Herald, to join in. We're putting in $30 a piece this time instead of $50. And dad's pretty determined to win.

Uh oh. Cuz guys can lose weight faster if they put their mind to it...

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