Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm simply tickled by this girl

Last Tuesday I interviewed "Danielle Ate the Sandwich." She's a local singer from the Fort Collins/Loveland area who has this sweet voice and sings about crazy and funny stuff like reincarnation, landing on the moon, and how we are hot dogs. She has like 40 videos posted on YouTube and thousands of hits on them. So she's gotten pretty popular.

She was a sweetie on the phone and when she came in, I found her delightful. The photographer, entertainment editor and I had watched a couple of her videos. The photographer spotted a red chair in the background of one of her videos and asked me to call her and tell her to bring the chair.

She came in with plastic-framed little glasses, a red-flowered dress, the cute  chair with red padding, and her guitar and ukulele. She was excited to be photographed. Like any star I'd imagine.

Our photographer posed her juggling both instruments with a foot on the red chair. An array of shots were taken of her making crazy faces at the camera; then she laid on the floor, head spread around her, and posed with the ukulele near her face, peering above it.

After, I asked a couple more questions to round out the story and she gave me a couple discs of her music. The CD was encased in what looked like a brown paper bag, but hard and more professional looking. The CD itself had a close-up of a lush sandwich on it. The whole package: Also adorable. She wrote on my cover, "Don't make me look bad or your job will be finished!" I'm listening to the music as I write. Serious and sweet voice; simple words but silly and intellectual at the same time.

That's why this job is great. I get the chance to meet amazing people. Just delightful.

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  1. Did she recognize your last name? Danielle is totally a friend of mine!!