Saturday, March 6, 2010

I have a famous person's phone number!

I interviewed Connie Willis a few weeks ago for a story. She spoke at UNC in Greeley and pledge all her papers and awards to them after she died. She's this great science fiction writer who has all these awards and got inducted into the SciFi hall of fame last year. She wrote "Bellwether" that I read at least three times in college. It was about this scientist researching fads. She hooks up with this other scientist to combine projects and meanwhile they deal with incompetent "interdepartmental assistants" and mountains of incomprehensible paperwork to get grants. It was funny and well-written.

So I signed up for the story. Nobody I know has ever heard of her but I was just pleased to be writing about someone I knew something about. Her new book is called Blackout. I have it now, but haven't read it. I interviewed her over the phone and she was interesting and down to earth. I wasn't able to get to the event in Greeley however, because it was on a workday.

BUT. My mom works in Greeley as a sign language interpreter. (My parents are unconventional. They Israeli Dance, and mom just graduated from college again and got her certification as an interpreter - I love it) So I said, hey mom... So there's this author... And she was all, ok, I can go and get a book signed for you.

And she did BETTER than that.  She brought my article and after the speech, she got in line almost at the beginning on accident, and asked Connie if she'd sign the article too. Connie says, "Your daughter wrote that article?? It was great!" Which is exactly what she wrote on the story I'd written about her in the newspaper. And a couple other people in line said, "Yeah, that was a good story!"

And when Mom came home, I made her tell me every detail, which she did because she loves details, and I glowed all night.

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