Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dancing for Jesus

156 pounds. Started at 168. I'm going to go ahead and catalogue weight lost here because I'm in the process of you know, losing it, and I've been pretty good about it. Yesterday, I biked to work. That's 20 minutes. It felt great. And then biking 30 minutes to the outlet mall after work to Israeli dance. That felt... exhausting. Then I danced.  I was a little sore. Then I met my sister for racquetball at 8 p.m. I was useless at that point. She slaughtered.

I've started Israeli dancing with Dad. This is because of my friend. I work at Oshkosh and one day my dad stopped by to pick up two overdue library books in my car that I was supposed to return for him. They weren't overdue when Mom had asked me to return them.

My manager wanted to know if Dad would dance down the aisle for her. He is involved in a Christian Jewish church, and they perform a lot at churches and parades. Dad, who asks me weekly if I want to go to the beginner's dance class (I always say um... well... no...) invited my manager and she was delighted.

So I went with her to a class Dad had set up on Thursdays. We've been going as often as we can ever since for the last month or so. Surprising. I'm still not sure why except that it's... kind of fun. Another member of the dancing team asked me a few weeks ago if I'm going to keep practicing and get a uniform, which allows me to perform with them at their functions. I was all, "oh I don't know about that."

But my real answer is, "I'm too cool for those uniforms." When they get a little more stylish and less... bag-like, I'll think about it.

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