Friday, January 1, 2010


I just returned from Ukraine. I was in the Peace Corps. Visit the blog I wrote at the Reporter Herald newspaper to read about my adventures for as long as that blog is there. I've been home over one week. It's weird. I understand everyone here. I can't travel to Lviv and Kiev on the weekends. I have a tendency to enunciate and say my "L's" very clearly and I want to use a lot of actions. "I'm going to call my mom..." (elaborate hand gesture with my thump and pinky spread to make a phone). I bite my lip to keep from saying, "I need to use the toilet." I've forgotten how to get places. Two years is a long time.

Things remind me of Ukraine, of the contrast, and I always want to talk about it. Waitresses here are so nice and smiley. They don't really tip in Ukraine. I walked into a Wal-mart and my eyes were just big in awe at the expanse. So much SPACE. Say what you will about them but you can buy ANYTHING in those places.

My parents bought a big screen TV and a Wii on black Friday. A Wii. Those parents who didn't know what to do with us when we bought an old Nintendo (the first one) at a garage sale when I was in middle school, and spent hours playing it. Never thought I'd see the day. I've been playing Wii Fit daily. I love it. I can fly and dodge huge metal flinging balls on that thing. That's helped with the culture adjustment. :)

Fast food is frickin' everywhere. I miss walking places. I miss my vegetable shop. I miss my friends.

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